Harry Potter, the boy who lived.
Floral Pops are so near and dear to my heart. Some people think Floral Pop is a generic term, but it’s actually something I came up with for the name of my floral fill pop culture symbols.I’ve taken the leap into embroidery kits! The original piece took countless hours to stitch but now you’re able to make your very own! This is a kit that that includes a tracing template, basic stitch booklet, snips, a size 5 embroidery needle, 5” hoop, cotton fabric, and enough pre-cut Wonderfil Specialty Thread for your project. 
This is not for the finished hoop. If you would like one finished, please send me an e-mail.

Floral Pop The Boy Who Lived DIY Embroidery Kit

  • Pattern is not to be re-sold or re-distributed. Items made from pattern may be sold on a small handmade scale.